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This is no ordinary book about Keto.


Sure, there's heaps of information about keto, the benefits and how to navigate the low-carb high-fat labyrinth, but there is so much more, including, but not limited to:

  • overcoming pitfalls and challenges,
  • shopping list,
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert ideas,
  • 7 day meal plan,
  • recipes,
  • eating out and travelling on keto,
  • exercise schedules,
  • busting the myths,
  • advanced strategies for success,
  • a guide to low-carb alcohol and merriment,
  • FAQs, and
  • a full glossary of terms.


It is also beautifully illustrated and contains easily digested information largely in bullet format.

The idea for this book came about during my keto journey. In the beginning, the internet's proverbial floodgates were wide open, and everyone was a self-proclaimed keto expert. There was an endless buffet of information, but sometimes, it felt more like a chaotic food fight in the cafeteria of cyberspace.


If I’d had access to a book like this at the start of my keto journey, I would have been so much better prepared, not only with knowledge but the right mindset that comes with confidence to finally conquer my menopausal weight gain.


Whilst keto isn't for everyone, I can honestly say that through all the carb cravings, cauliflower concoctions, and ketone-fueled adventures, I have emerged on the other side victorious. My menopausal weight gain met its match in keto. I am also stoked with the bonus benefits of mental clarity, appetite control and improved energy levels - all very much appreciated whilst on the wild ride that is the menopause train.


So, whether you’re also struggling with extra pounds, wondering if keto is right for you or just in need of some good honest information about keto, this book is for you.

Carbs, Courage & Cauliflower: A Keto Companion

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